Friday, 14 October 2011

Production Plant Department

3 Days 2 Nights Team Building in Phuket by Jc.Tour
Group 1 (Production Plant) (61 Pax) on 01-03 October 2011

Visiting Phuket on the first day, Ms.Wahan (Jc.Tour Phuket Representative) makes the first impression by Pick up at the Airport with a big board from Jc.Tour. Smiling and Hello saying to every one.

The team starts to forget the original team in the office by “getting very enjoys the Thai Monkey and Thai Elephant Show” All members feel very happy with this funny show.
The group gets more happy by ”Fishes Spa” Nice, Funny, and Relaxing.  All foods get softness afterward, hahaha.
More Thai Traditional touching, do elephant trekking pass the river and safari- a lot of wildlife around.
Joking and Greeting on the Elephant back is showing that “what a wonderful world.”   New team is growing slowly.

Afterward the “Team Building Program” is starting by the Group must be separated to be 7 teams, each team must very high level of harmonious and the team leader and each member of the team must help and pushing his team to be number one of Racing.
Even we have come from the same office in “Mercedes-Benz Plant” But today we are difference team- new team “ I must beat you, sorry my friend. hahaha”
If we trust that we will win, sure that we will be the winner, no other reason.
The game is not over yet, but the military walks by stomach. We have stop for lunch on this late day.

After full, the new game starts, for this game Jc.Tour‘s instructor must explain carefully about how to control the raft amid the mad river.
We know that this is a funny game, but no one need to be loser. At the end everyone gets win by getting happy.
Happy ending, the party must be finished. Say goodbye Phuket and Goodbye Jc.Tour , we promised that we will come back to Phuket and come back to Jc.Tour (Phuket).

If you are interested to do the “team building” in Phuket, please follow the link to see the guide line from Jc.Tour Phuket Here

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